Movement Play With Two To Four Children And Adults

Movement Play is my own body-based therapeutic approach, based on the work of Veronica Sherborne.

It combines sensory integration with attachment theory as a way to start healing the effects of toxic stress in children …

… to begin building and strengthening their resilience.

It offers opportunities for children and adults, that is parents, carers and teaching assistants …

… to create connections, share excitement and joy, to make choices and take risks.

By encouraging gentle touch, eye contact and laughter adults support children to feel more comfortable and at ease in their bodies.

Children, alongside adults, begin to …

  • engage in “give and take” exchanges
  • play games where they get along with others
  • be part of a group, gain a sense of belonging
  • develop an awareness of themselves and others in the group
  • interact cooperatively with others
  • experience, recognise and express emotions and empathise with those emotions in others
  • accept thoughts and feelings, as well as stimulation from outside
  • think about feelings and behaviour and recognise their ability to do things.

In other words, children develop more self-awareness and self-confidence, awareness of others and positive relationships.

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