Calm Child

I will be retiring from doing one-to-one sessions in July 2021.
I am no longer accepting new clients.
I would like to send warmest wishes to all past and current clients.

Calm Child is my play-based therapeutic service for children.

It focuses on creativity and trust.

In a safe, nurturing space children get to explore past and current issues …

…¬†they get to express feelings and thoughts, at their own pace, through play.

I try to notice and validate what they do and say in their play.

Through this caring relationship children begin to find new ways to deal with their challenges.

They start to grow and change.

They may feel happier and more confident; learn to think about thinking and build up their resilience.

Children come to me because they …

  • struggle to get along with others
  • seem anxious, worried or unhappy
  • get very angry
  • find it hard to listen or stay still …

and many other reasons.